$300.00$800.00 (+5.5% tax)

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. T. Heather Herdman

CLASSES BEGIN: February 5, 2020

COST: $800 PREPAID, or THREE PAYMENTS of $300 ($900) with the first payment due at registration, second on March 1, and third on May 1, 2020.

MAXIMUM CLASS SIZE: 8 participants

NOTE: This class sold out in two weeks last session, so we recommend registering early!

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This class is for people who are serious about learning how to incorporate herbs into their desire to be healthy and promote health, predominantly from a western clinical herbal perspective. My goal for this course is to support people in gaining confidence in basic herbal care for themselves, their families and even their friends.

We use an internet Dropbox to share materials, and we also have a Facebook group for students to interact and share with one another between classes, as you are working on assignments. Classes are videotaped for review, or in case you aren’t able to make a session.

We will explore body systems and life cycles, and look at herbal actions that are complimentary, or that are good to work with those body systems. We will also consider seasonality – how are the seasons and changes in our environment reflected in human beings, and how can we use herbs to support us during these transitions. We will discuss plant identification, using fresh (when possible) herbs, as well as dried and powdered herbs. We will work directly with herbs, so that you know how to use and create herbal medicines for specific herbal actions. At the end of the course, you will have created your family herbal first aid kit, with herbal products to support health, prevent illness, and for use with minor illness or injuries.

We will have a spring, summer and fall plant walk with some of our herbal colleagues in the area to see plants in native and cultivated environments – parks to cityscapes. These walks will happen regardless of weather…so dress and plan accordingly! On these walks we will talk about harvesting – and when possible, we will harvest! – discussing what part of the plant, how do you harvest it, how much do you take, and then what do you do with it once you’ve harvested it?

There will be assigned readings, and recommended texts to accompany our course materials. There will also be experiential learning assignments in between classes – these aren’t mandatory, and I don’t “grade” them – but they offer more opportunities to get to know herbs and their actions for those who want to experiment a bit more than just what we can do during class time.

My goal for this course is to teach you how to take back your own health, how to use herbs skillfully and wisely to manage basic health promotion, illness prevention and basic first aid. If you are looking for a course that is heavy into botany, this is not the course for you.

17 CLASSES WILL BE HELD on Wednesday evenings at Sweet Willow Herbal Co-Op in De Pere, WI – from 5:30 – 8pm. Three Herb Walks will be held on Saturdays, as noted below; locations and meeting places will be provided closer to the dates identified. There is also an end of the year picnic, held after our last herb walk.


February 5 & 19

March 4 & 18

April 1, 15, & 29

May 13 & 27

May 30, 10-12 HERB WALK

July 18, 10-12 HERB WALK

September 2, 16, & 30

October 3, 10-12 HERB WALK

October 14 & 28

November 11

December 2 & 16

Note : Pre-registration and pre-payment are required for all classes. If any class does not fill, money will be refunded to anyone who has paid registration. If you do not attend a class for which you have registered, money is not refunded because instructor time and materials have been expended.