Long before it was common knowledge that the plant has antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative, calming and anti-depressive properties, people had already been using it for therapeutic purposes. The calming effect of Lavender has been a common trope in many products ranging from baby powder, lotions and even oils. It’s one of the many plants that has a long-standing history in terms of use and potency.

Oils can be obtained it from the plant’s leaves and stems. Before the processing for the oils, the extracts are often used as an aid for digestive diseases and as a topical rheumatism treatment. The aroma of these extracts also are known for their anti-depressive properties, which is why it’s common for facilities likes spa’s and hospitals to have it in their purifiers.

The number one use of Lavender is to cause relaxation and reduce stress. Studies have shown that lavender when taken orally, in form of teas or tinctures has a significant effect in terms of alleviating anxiety and preventing long term nerve damage. One of the most popular usages for Lavender is for sleep induction since the aromas have a very potent soothing effect.
Millions of people who suffer from headaches and migraines can also benefit from using lavender oil. Diffusing or inhaling lavender oil along with other essential oils produces a soothing effect and address the pain caused by migraine. People with insomnia also benefit greatly when using lavender oil in helping them sleep better and faster.

Like other herbs, lavender has loads of benefits attributed to its use. First off, as mentioned earlier, the compounds found in lavender are astonishingly potent and full of antioxidants. Free radicals that are obtained through unhealthy diets and habits are said to be one of the human body’s top enemies and attributed as a lead cause for most cancers; there are eliminated in the system through the use of antioxidants. Lavender activates the body to produce glutathione, catalase, and SOD, three of the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidants in the human body. Since the compounds in lavender are found to have high antioxidant and nerve protecting properties it can also be used to treat neurological diseases.

The topical use of Lavender oils on the treatment of burns or small open cuts has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Lavender oil speeds up healing and prevents further infection of the wound. It’s also effective in warding off different bacteria and fungi that may lengthen the healing time.

Lavender is also one of the best complimentary herbal supplements and alternatives to address cancers. Cancer is often painful,stressful, and full of anxiety; and using Lavender oil can alleviate some of the stress that comes hand in hand with the illness. Using Lavender to calm the mind and nervous system will help the body to heal. It’s in no way a cure for cancer, but it can definitely help with management and stress reduction.

Most people will not have any issues when taking lavender oil however it is not recommended, pregnant women and children. It is also not recommended for those with existing health issues in terms of sleeping who are already taking sleep-inducing drugs.


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