Custom Herb Classes, Bath/Body Blending, or “Foodie” Experiences

Check out our upcoming local courses offered by Sweet Willow Wellness.

If you have looked at our class list and don’t see a topic that excites you, don’t despair! Just find three or more friends and call us to develop a custom class, or create a bath/body product blending, or a “foodie” experience just for you!

We can explore taste explosions using herbs, fresh and local foods, and leave you with new experiences, recipes, and a full belly! Or, schedule a class with us to learn to make body scrubs, salves, tinctures, or other products for yourself – or for special gifts!

Heather Herdman

Some examples of classes/experiences we have created include:

Herbal treats for kids

treats for kids

Moms looking for a healthy alternative for kids’ lunches and snack times. Explore herbal options, create some yummy snacks to take home and test on the kids – and score a set of already tested, kid approved recipes!

Herbal Buffet


Class that included a complete buffet – from appetizers to desserts – of foods incorporating herbs. Participants enjoyed food and tea, while learning about the benefits of the herbs used to create all the wonderfully yummy dishes!

Teen Birthday Bash

teen birthday

We created a “do it yourself” party making lotions, aromatherapy perfumes, and herbal bath salts

What the heck are these essential oils?

essential oil

Explore a “rummage sale find” of a cache of essential oils – learn a bit about what they are and how they can be safely used, and created two products using a combination of oils found in the goodie box.

Our focus this year is Living in Balance – with ourselves, with our environment, with our community. We have therefore created a combination of classes and workshops that we hope you will find interesting, challenging, and enlightening. You will see that some of these classes and workshops will be repeated throughout this session; we are trying to find times and weekdays that work for more people!

If you have a topic of interest that you don’t see here, please let us know!

Living in Balance with Ourselves & Our Communities
These offerings include all things herbal, do-it-yourself workshops to help you create healthy products, and even some “lunch and learn” opportunities.

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