Heather Herdman

Sweet Willow Herbal Co-Op and Sweet Willow Wellness are women-owned, and operate together in one venue in our new location in De Pere.

Sweet Willow Herbal Co-Op provides bulk, organic and wildcrafted herbs and spices, our own brand of loose leaf teas, salves, liniments, and herbal infused oils (direct to consumer and wholesale), and herbal tinctures from reputable herbalists that follow Good Manufacturing Processes. You’ll find products that support a sustainable lifestyle, including all natural (no bad chemicals!) cleaning products, traveling tea diffusers, bamboo utensils, and metal/bamboo straws. We encourage you to bring your own bags/jars that we can fill with our bulk products, as we aim toward becoming a zero waste business!

Come enjoy our vegan and vegetarian foods that you will find are incredibly tasty – and, there’s even herbal infused chocolate. What could be better than that? We feature rice or salad bowls, with local organic produce, protein sources (tempeh, tofu, beans), and a variety of sauces we create daily. Also homemade soups – no bagged broths or starters here! – and sandwich options.

You will find organic, food and cosmetic grade body and health promotion supplies (carrier oils, butters and salts) if you are one of our do-it-yourself customers. We source locally and regionally as much as possible. Or, if you just want to have access to non-toxic bath and body products, we have you covered with offerings from a variety of local soap makers; plant-based lotions, shampoo/conditioner, facial products, deodorants, tooth powder, vegan floss, and so much more!

Become a member of the Co-Op, which entitles you to 5% off all purchases and classes (except our year-long herbal intensive), and monthly specials for members only!

Sweet Willow Wellness is our education and consultation division, which focuses on providing workshops/classes, herbal consultation, coaching for health and well-being, and partnering with members of the community to improve the health of those we serve and the health of our environment. We offer an array of classes on living a healthy lifestyle, with topics including: incorporating herbs into your daily lifestyle, managing lifestyle change, mindfulness, regenerative agriculture, composting, Earth Talks – all of these issues show our values, and we are passionate about these topics! We are also happy to customize workshops for four or more people, to speak at your event, or to provide classes to any group of interested individuals. And, we bring in regional and national experts, too!

Ultimately, we want to work with you to support you in your quest for health and well-being, remembering that holistic health requires knowledge, commitment, and a comprehensive approach that is far more than asking “what herb do you have for this issue”? As a clinical herbalist, Dr. Heather Herdman works with clients to understand their concerns, and to guide them as to how they can integrate herbs into their daily lives. She can also custom blend herbal preparations to meet their needs and preferences…or she can teach them to make these for themselves!

If you are looking for coaching for health and well-being, Mary Radue is the perfect guide on your journey. She can support you as you make life choices related to behavior changes, whether your concern is food, money, health, being more mindful – her thoughtful questions can lead you to important insights, and she can walk with you as you choose to take small steps toward your goals. She is also a passionate advocate for environmental awareness, and is eager to work with individuals and businesses on creating pathways to walking in balance with our environment, and countering the effects of climate change right here in our own lives.

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